Friday, August 26


I've been sitting in front of the laptop for like hours just to make sure that my shops in My Shops are always in serve for my customers AND to upgrade and update and unlock the customers needs. Not even more than a week after I started playing My Shops, I found another addiction of Facebook which is obviously, The Sims. Well, The Sims used to be my favourite game back in the 90's. It still is. But in two different forms. 

I'll make sure that my sim is always in an inspired mood. Which definitely needs me to switch on the laptop and sit in front of the laptop for 5mins(lies). And then the 5mins extended to 5hours -,- I'm tired of doing this and that just to gain more money and do some sort of make overs. I'm tired of upgrading bla bla bla so I can go to the next level. I'm tired of waiting for every 3mins to gain another energy bar. Easy saying, I QUIT. 

Sad to say but dear neighbours and friends in both My Shops and The Sims, you can never receive Free Deliveries from me, no more Free Love, no more Free Gift, no more asking for paints just to upgrade my truck(s), no more requesting to be good friends, in a relationship, best friends or whatever relationship they have, yada yada yada. AND yes, special dedication to my dearest bf in The Sims, I am so sorry but you'll just have to find the new love of your life :D

Yes this post is an emotional post because I am seriously turning to a nocturnal and mannn, I can never be grateful for being one :( come on, I need to wake up before the dawn and be fresh all day long. Sleepless nights can really ruin my schedule. What most important now is schools are soon to start and there are no schools for nocturnal, for now that is. I am still sinned for being awake at this hour and for writing this post and blaming Facebook for my sleepless nights. Ehe.