Wednesday, June 22

so much of summer course

Short sem is over! Weehooo! I'm just too excited about it. Hehe. So my holiday has officially began! Yayerrs. I was thinking of finding a job for these last two months. but come to think of it, I should really make use of the two months and now I decided not to go for any job! Ramadhan is a month away and I'll just have to enjoy myself to the fullest before the Ramadhan starts. Hehe. I might be stuck at home with no money to spend about, but problems solved since I'll be busy being a volunteer for some sort of environmental event. Care to join? Hehe. Just drop me your email! You're one step away from saving the earth :D

Well I am actually indulging myself with all sorts of environment materials. Just to get myself prepared. Had a two-hours-conversation with Kak Sab on skype. She told me to refer to Daddy on how to deliver a good speech. Hehhhhhhh. I regret for not participating any of his talks before. Wait, I did! - when I was a little girl. Hehe. and yes of course, practice makes perfect. 

Mommy's excited about it too. She help me out with the sources. Hehe. Thank youuuuu semua orang for being such a sweet family :') Can't barely wait for November to come. Family get together! Kak Sab and Mikael will be here in Msia for a month or two. So yes, the Bahrom's Family reunite! InsyaAllah. 

Gotto go to sleep now! Its almost 5AM! I am no longer a normal human who sleeps at average of 3AM onwards. Thats crazy. IM CRAZY. I dont want to be part of generation Y when I am actually one of them -,- Hv to reschedule and do more and more of activities so I'll easily get tired and sleep on time. I'll just have to walk the talk rather than just talkkkk. SO OKAY BYE SEMUA! :D

TOO BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!