Friday, June 3

the bell jingles!


There's nothing much to write. In fact, I have basically zero idea on what to write in this dusty blog.
*and so, why am I still typing something...* Hehe. Just ignore the silly typing of mine.
I am much eager to come to the point that we're going to 1 this Sunday, InsyaAllah :) 
Man, that was long. Was it? No? Yeah, not that long compared to those who have been in relationship(s) for like 4 5 years. Semoga ke anak cucu Amin. Hehe. And... due to that, something really caught my eyes. Hehe. Facebook can sometime be too sweet to just be a 'social network'. 

Look at this :

have a closer view,

 Hehe. So what do you think? Erm, only if you know what I'm talking about -,- 
Not going to write everything here. Not because I am not allowed to, but because I don't want to. But I will. Someday. Some fine day where I own this world and nothing matters than just you and me, All At Once- right, I crap a lot. Lets just get back to the main point shall we? 

Its Friday today and its time to linger around on my bed! Yay. But I ain't doing that now.. In fact, I'm sitting straight with the laptop on my lap! Hey, I rhyme-d it. Okay whatever. *I am still distracted beside writing what I should be writing*

Okay now, I'm back on the right track. Hehe. Right, I know that Luqmal and I still have a long road to go. Even we have promised to stay together forever, but everything can only be granted only with His permission. InsyaAllah.. Be the fact that we're nothing more than just two people in love, I am grateful to have met him. Alhamdulillah. 

One year, and still counting. Amin Ya Rabbal-alamin..

how do you like my new glasses?
p/s : I am so addicted listening to Queen now. I don't know why! but I'm sure I'm loving it as much :)