Saturday, April 16

broga #2

so here's the thing. when i was on my way back home (from shah alam to damansara), i called mom just to let me know that she's on her way to kuching sarawak. so yeah, arrived home safely and no one was around. went online for more than 5hours and found out that nisa and shaza were going for hiking in broga. well both of them were with different clans. i was so triggered to follow nisa and i was just joking around telling her that i might be joining her some time later. the joke turned out to be a last minute plan! abbey and kashmir sent me to bangi and luqmal fetched me from there. we had our late supper and off we went to broga. 

     it was so dark around 4am and there were quite a number of cars parked at the basement of broga hill. reached the 3rd platform and we had a really calm morning breeze. it was so surreal. subhanAllah. after a while, when it was around 7am, we continued mounting to the top of broga. and yes, we did it! i wasn't so sure of getting up there because i was not wearing a proper shoes. the routes were slippery and yes, i might slipped off and fell. so precaution must be taken. but Alhamdulillah, we did it to the top. took some pictures, enjoying the view, the spacious field of long-wheat-grass, the view of the people mounting up towards us, and yes, having the moment of being on top of the world. hehe.

    met shaza and her clan on  my way down. did some huggings and pictures, sadly i have to leave broga as soon as possible. for some reason. i'm tired now and i really need a proper sleep. and of course, a proper shower :p need to continue on teory of interest. good luck to those whom are having your final! yuuukennnduit! :)

yew know yew leff me,