Friday, February 11


Mathematics, please grow up and solve your own problems -,-
yes yes, I didn't quite did well on my final last sem. and to make things even worst, I might have to extend another one semester which makes it 8 all together. Long innit? I've been playing a lot. Not to mention I skipped classes and lectures and keep myself busy doing nothing on the bed -,- serves me just right. well, that wasn't the main point. What is past, is past. You can do nothing to change it, but not to repeat the same mistakes.
Alhamdulillah, I'm coping quite well for the second sem. No bragging, just informing :p and I shall continue having this good reputation for the sake of my future. and of course, my parents. and of course, you too, ehem. Anyway, dad suggested me to major in Accounting TOO. He said the CEOs and CCOs are those who have accounting background. hurm, I'll have to think about it since I'm aiming for something else instead of CEO and CCO? For God sake I don't even know what CEO does as a CEO. Hihi. Mind me for the lack of general information. I'll google that later. I promise. to myself.
oh and yes, I'm into bakings now. but I ain't posting any photos just because I don't feel like to ;p but I will, only if it turned out to be perfect. and smooth, and delicious and again, perfect :) just you can imagine, I am gaining weight due to the uninstructed way of dieting. craving and desiring for so many delicious-caloriessource-unhealthy food. well, they are initially healthy, but they turned out to be unhealthy because of the portions I took. hehe. so yes, you girls out there, eat as many as you're craving for, BUT paired them with an hour of physical activities thrice a week. Half an hour at least. 
To my dearest batch mates whom are flying off to Aussie tonight, have a safe flight and just bare in your mind that maybe, just maybe, I'll give you guys a visit one day :D hehe. Take care and have fun! You'll miss Malaysia, and me of course.
Have a nice weekend!