Friday, January 21

pro(s) and con(s)

people may have achieved so many things in life that sometimes we forgot the route that one might have faced in order to be successful. the term successful itself doesn't represent the achievement itself, but it literally basis from the journey to a success. I've watch so many motivational movies. some are predicted, and some aren't. well that life isn't? its unpredictable. you might see me crying today. but who knows, I might be the girl with the widest smile tomorrow. I'd love to say it once more, what if(s) is always a mystery. I failed several. but that never stops me from growing stronger. I believe in miracles and good deed. if you stop doing it after you failed, then that is the actual failure in your life. back to the history where Alexander Graham Bell invented the most important communication, telephone, where Thomas Alva Edison invented the first light bulb, they were physically and mentally criticized by the  public, but with determination and courage, they're literally everywhere in this whole wide world. This is just a push up for me. I know I can do this!