Wednesday, January 19

Phases of life

     I'm turning 20 soon, no more ____teen. How time flies. Its funny how I really imagined myself being in the 20-ish, back then when I was a little kid. Being tall, slim, a very neat formal attire, and always uptodate with the issues, always wearable of anything smart and pretty, being keen to go to classes and lectures, being able to talk to anyone but strangers, being able to drive my own car, go here and there with no permission from mommy and daddy, and yeah, the list goes on. But that was then, that was what I imagined. And I guess I'm 80% wrong in judging myself in the future. I will still be summoned by the police if ever they found me driving. Hope that will end soon? Hehe.

     Throughout the whole 20 years(well, almost) of living, I am grateful to have had all the wonderful personalities around me :) Thank you Ya Allah. From the kindergarten, to primary school, to secondary school, and went to boarding school, migrated to matriculation and now, Alhamdulillah, degree in Actuarial Science. But I believe theres much more awaits in the future, InsyaAllah.

lama sik jumpa kitak.