Thursday, December 2

the lost princess

Nothing much to spill. Just feels like writing something.
Went out with Shaza for the Walt Disney movie, Rapunzel.
I can hardly express the feelings of 'enjoyment' when I was watching it.
and hey, Walt Disney, you nailed it. Again!
You brought smiles and laughters to the world.
The ending is always the ending anyone could ever dreamt of.
She's pretty, rich, loving, joyful, everyone loves her!
and whats more interesting is, she have it all ;
loving parents, good-looking husband, and not to mention the love that he had for her.
everything seems so perfect ey?


there! I'm rating for 5 stars hehe
anyway, I'm sort of in love with this one song.
the lyrics just got me.
I know its a lame old song, but hey, feel the lyrics.

while waiting for the foods to be served

we got ourselves a bag! :)

and yeah,
Happy Anniversary Fifth Fivers
I love you yesterday, now, and forever :) 

till then, xoxo