Monday, November 1


hi hey hoi oi hai hye hello aloha ahoy moshi2 arigatou hehe

right, I've been very very extremely outrageously busy. so yeah, mind me.This is my second week of first semester final examination.3 papers down and another 3 more to go.Still preparing my armors so that I'll be doing good during the battle :) InsyaAllah. hehe.

so basically, lets start off with the study week. I went to Broga and yes of course, we climbed up and we did it to the 3rd peak! bestnyaaa. hehe so so proud of myself :D Broga tu mcm haunted sikit.wuu and so, days after, the girls and I went to Putrajaya, again, sbb semua kemaruk nak swimming. except for me. ;p haihs. kenapa fun sangat study week kali niiiii? ish geram.

and during the finals, as usual, last minute revision, but sometimes it works. you should try it too. **haha. I'm having a day gap for the next paper,Risk Management and Insurance, wish me luck people!

where should I be staying for the second sem? hmm, Mawar is totally out of the list lah kan. any suggestions? Ayah requested me to just stay in Damansara. and of course, I have to drive to and fro everyday. witch I have to drive by myself la kan? hmm. that makes me even more confused on where to stay and stuff. we'll decide that later!

Ni sekarang ni I just can't stop myself from being excited for the 2months break. 2months tu! lama kot. woot2. Nak kerja. I want money. $___$ hihi. and and byk lagi la nak buat. Nak tido lama2 kat rumah. Nak jogging every morning. Nak shopping byk2(only if I got the money). Nak merayap sana sini. Haaa amek kau! haha. AND sekarang ni, yes I mean NOW, I mmg kene diet. KENE! ok bye

and yeahhh, I'm listing a list on what im planning to do during the holidays. yay!
holidays, come quick !
much love,
Anis :)