Tuesday, November 30

McD was closed?

three ducklings and a pretty princess(me)

we were totally devastated doing nothing at Nad's house (besides sleeping and fb-ing). and so, the three ugly ducklings and one pretty princess decided to go out for a quick supper. surprisingly, the so-24-hours McD was under renovation and so it was closed. 
after some stupid conversation and a few words of cursing, 
we agreed to eat at the mamak
on our way to our seats, Izzah accidentally glanced on the other customer's order. she was extremely in love by just looking at the plate with white maggi on it.
and so the two ugly ducklings ordered the same thing. 
sadly, they ordered for maggi goreng melayu instead of maggi goreng mamak.padan muka.
and as for the other ugly duckling and the pretty princess, 
they managed to keep themselves on the healthy diet with just some bites of roti telur soaked with kuah dal. simple yet tempting no? haha