Wednesday, September 1

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Lamanya tk update blog. been very very busy with my tight schedule. 
every week sure ada test. but I didnt actually been busy with the books. hehe. staying in a university where u can literally do whatever you want to do, go whenever you want to go and the best part is, you decide your own schedule ;p okay except for my timetable. tu mmg dah arranged by the ketua program. hehe. only for the first semester. but hey, I'm not sure with the system here. hopefully next sem onwards dh boleh arrange my own timetable la kan. amin.

how is ramadhan treating you? or shall i reverse by saying how are you treating ramadhan? hihi. skrang dh masuk final 10 days of ramadhan. this last 10 days, we were promised with malam lailatulqadar. insyaAllah, hopefully we are the lucky ones :) today is my second last day here in shah alam before i went back for aidilfitri. tk sure whether to be happy or not to be. first day of raya, tk lain tk bukan, sure kat rembau negeri sembilan. my dad's home. which happens to be our hometown now. hehe. second day of raya, ada big family gathering and the venue for this year is at my wan's place. cool innit. hehe.woop!
kak mar, abg fuad, little haziq and kak sab will not be around this year. kak mar akan ke miri. and kak sab, she's still in sweden so yeah, tk ramai la family members in KL this year. insyaAllah, we still have years to come kan kakak kakak ku sekalian? 

Alhamdulillah, I am so blessed by the strength that Allah is giving me during this month of Ramadhan. Who would ever thought of going up to level 5 for like 4 times a day really doesn't make you tiring at all. see, keberkatan bulan ramadhan. As long as niat baik, everything will be okay. InsyaAllah :) 

and to top on that, I get to see and buka bersama some of my good friends tk kisah la dr mana2. matriks, high school, primary school. and not to forget, my beloved family. nak plan for the gathering dh satu hal, tk masuk lagi the gathering itself. fewhh. u can never imagine. so many things came up ! mcm2 la. accident la, sesat la, kene kacau la, tkde tmpat tidur, kene tahan dgn security guard, kene saman. but its okay, pengalaman adalah guru yg terbaik. I believe in that. 

I really need to work on my driving skills. haihs. teruknya. dh berapa tahun belajar I still dont have the guts to hold the steering and focus on the roads and at the same time, handle the gears and brake and arghh, there's so many things to think of when you are driving. thats why I never pass on that. haha. okay whatever. anyway, I really need to get my very own license. Jealous seeing my friends driving the car and I can do nothing but just to give directions from the back. lame, I know -_____-"  

and, I don't know why tapi kadang2 I feel bad for being so concern about someone. Sbb you know, kdg2 kita tk perasan that we are being too concern that it became a distraction and annoyance to the other party. mcm mana eh? I mean how to control myself so that I won't be too needy towards someone.hmm.

I shall write some more when I have the time okay? Should be getting ready for tonight.
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Patience. God's delays aren't God's denials.