Saturday, July 10


Im back in Damansara ! yay ! can't be any happier ~

Kak Mar fetch me from uitm and stopped by at Wisma Jakel. nothing much interesting and off we went to Stadium Melawati. got some carnival going on. So yeah, got myself baju kurungs which I admire most after trying them at home. Time nak beli tu mcm tk berapa nak suka. tapi sekarang suka. suka sangat. sangat sangat suka :) LOL. okay wtv.

Mak dearest 

This is my second weekend in uitm. well NOT my second weekend staying in uitm, but second weekend after being pronounced the student of uitm. ceh. haha. Went to Sunway semalam. went there with Waniey Nisa Faten Aneq Shaza Afiq and Zaidi. Once we reached Sunway, the boys parted. Afiq and Zaidi went somewhere for lunch. and us girls went for a window shopping.

Not done there, lepas blik dr sunway, kitorg amek cab to I-City. woot woot. my second visit to I-City. my first visit was a month ago. so yeah, okay la. snapped some pictures. okay not just some, tapi byk la jugak. and for the very first time ,I carried a rabbit. sho cute ! rasa nak picit2 je. tiba2 rasa rabbit lg comel dr kucing? hehe. okay, right after tu, kitorg lepak maple. makan and balik.

from left : Aten, Shaza, Me, Waniey, Aneq and Nisa

pretty ey?

I have already been given an assignment ! wee. haha. kecoh. need to be submitted next week and my group is the first group presenting !

cannot wait for tomorrow. insyaAllah.

k bye !