Monday, July 26

MARA, I'm begging for your mercy

Received a message stating that my permohonan for PTPTN has been accepted and I was told to check the total amount that I was qualified to receive.
AND, I was so surprised to read and see this ;

RM 4,800.00 for the whole 6 semesters ? 
Okay, that is so funny.
Thank you but no thank you, PTPTN 

I'm not being ungrateful but what can I do with RM240.00 for 4 months ?
And to top on that, the interests is totally out of consideration
:) Bye

So proud of myself that I attended both Linear Algebra and Statistics classes this morning :D hehe. 
*mind me of being so proud sbb I just got back from a very tiring yet awesome camping.