Saturday, July 3


class starts on Monday. cepatnya dh masuk Uni life. Rasa mcm baru masuk Integomb back in 2004. Yesterday was my last day of UiTM Orientation Week. Rasa relief sangat dah habis or in other words, dah free from rules and orders. But I have to bare in my mind yang life after orientation is not going to be that easy. Shit may happens anytime. and yeah, life isn't always a fairytale. ade ups and downs. thats life kan?

time registration kat faculty tu, vice chancellor ade ckp Science Actuary is one of the courses that guarantees you  wealth and fortune in the future. Kalau korg dgr sure korg suke kan? But I don't feel that way. In fact rasa makin takut. but yeah, no pain no gain. so starting from the very first class lagi I have to put 101% effort so that I can score on each and every tests and assignments. InsyaAllah. Dah promise dgn Shaza to get DL for the first sem. Amin :) well sbnrnye nak dapat DL to for me myself. not for anyone else. dulu time dkat matriks byk main and end up, result cukup makan. that is not going to happen again. I will never let myself be drained with too much fun and leisure *poyo sikit. 

and since dh masuk Uni ni, lepas ni sure tk byk masa nak online and stuff. yeke? haha. was very pleased to have my good friends in the same cllge and same faculty. takut cultural shock pun ada. yela, dh dduk asrama for like 6 years. and all along the six years, kawan semua baik2, satu kepala, boleh click la kira. not that I'm saying budak UiTM ni nakal or whatsoever. tapi understood la life in University is much much more relax and pressure-free. kan? that is why I have to keep myself remind-ed to stay on the right track. 

I am now at home. thought of meeting Luqmal for the weekend. but something came up that we did not get the chance to meet :( tkpela, there's always a next time kan syg? Mak and Ayah keluar for a dinner dgn client. so called a meeting. Kak Teh went for a camping somewhere in Pahang. Abg Chik is out tgk bola. Abg Sid pun. So yeah, I'm alone at home. Tgk Laskar Pelangi. Best. Maybe tkde la gempak mana cerita tu. but they have their own way in directing and informing the good values in life to the viewers. sedih pun ada jugak. you have to watch it. you'll find it different. totally. 

Went out with Abg Chik for a dinner tadi. Abg Chik's treat ! yay. hehe. Taiwanese Chicken XXL mmg pergh. yummy gila . nom nom nom. hehe. I just can't stop myself from eating. esp anything with chicken ! :s mana la tk gemuk. haihs. memng betul2 kene diet. I mean a healthy diet la. kene get myself fitted ! LOL. 

Feel very sorry to a dear batchmate for his lost :( InsyaAllah, Allahyarhamah akan ditempatkan dalam kalangan hamba Allah yang beriman. Amin. Al-Fatihah. *a friend from Integomb Syafiq Azizan. mmg everything that we are having now semua hanya pinjaman dr Allah. sooner or later, Allah akan ambil balik. only the time will tell. so yeah, appreciate while u still have them. hopefully kau kuat la nak go thru this. mmg susah. I know. everything happens for a reason. You'll be doing good, I know :)

xoxo, Anis