Saturday, June 12

'A' Bored at Home

I'm up to nothing. duduk rumah. doing nothing else but sleep, eat, doing house chores and some other unnecessary stuff. B O R I N G. spell it yourself -________-"

Mum went to visit Kak Sab  , and yeah, awkward la jugak when there's no one around to ask you :-
"Dah sembahyang ke belum?"  *tkpe, Mal ade to remind me on this :)
"Nak keluar pegi mana" *and this one too
"when you coming back? Dah pukul berapa ni?" 
"ingat, kita ni orang Islam"

I got nothing to do at home. Should have been practicing on my driving. blurghhhhhh ! tk suka !
There's just no one to assist me. Mcm mana nak buat? 

and just a random thought, Have You Ever Feel Like Being Someone Else?
my sincere answer would deff be a No. Thank You. Bye !