Sunday, May 23

my hectic sunday

I woke up late this morning -____-" dh la last night tido awal. 

and smpai BO je, I was about to swtch on the computer tp my fingers tercucuk kat kipas cooler cmpter. it hurts
damn pt I

few hours after that, my right hand tersepit kat money drawer pulak. 
damn pt II

minutes after, an innocent-look guy came with a plastic bag full of coins. don't tell me you're buying the tickets with the coin(s). tgk2, mmg betul, he gave me the plastic bag and asked me to take rm10 out frm the bag. aku ni pun baiklah kn nak accept the coins and senyum kat that guy. f*ck you (",)  
damn pt III

not done with that, dari pagi smpai sekarang ni, kepala ni tk boleh nak stop pening ~ 
damn pt IV

long sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

But, the best part IS, tomorrow is my OFF DAY ! weehooo♥ 

so long Sunday ~