Friday, May 28

the big M in my heart,

kenapa all of a sudden rindu sangat Mazezhyoulah ni :(

Farah nak fly dh this 24th June. Soon ! very soon. and yet, I still couldn't get a suitable time to squeeze in into her schedule. I'm so gonna miss you, not only you, tapi semua Mazhyou. Sorang2 nk fly. In another 5 to 6 months, Piah's turn. This is so drving me nuts.

My bff  Piah ni pulak baru habis exam and she's on hols now. nak jumpa please ! sy nak sleepover rumah awk ! nak cerita macam2

I miss everything back in school. Our glorious moment in Integomb. Not that I'm saying skrang tk glorious, but everything is so damn diff now. Cntact pun susah. On FB 24/7, tapi mcm tk pernah online. Mcm tk exist pun ada. haihs. I miss you girls. So much :'(

Naeb and Shaq are coming back this June ! Yeay ! So many things to be not missed this June ;D hehe.

So far, cuti ni selalu jumpa Oney and Dira ! Thank you girls for spending some time with me. and ada jumpa Najla, Izzah, Syiqa, Ila :) Happy k. Tho jumpa kejap je and tk smpat nak borak pnjang2 .

Faten, Miera, Shah, Mimie, tk jumpa lgsung ! Jom jumpa pwease? Nak gedik2 dgn korang. hehe