Friday, May 21

another few steps higher :)

hoi hoi

today is 21st of May. which means, I only have another 2 days left to update my UPU second phase. argh. boringnya masuk local U. *Ayah, please bg Anis masuk Taylors or ikut Aiman blk. 

whatever it is, I have to re-update upu second phase. I'm sucks not that good with numbers. mcm mana ni?? I was aim-ing for Actuarial Science and how on earth can I go with that course if I am never good enough in mathematics? Can anyone answer this stupid quest?

yes, taking law as my major DID crossed my mind but to think back at it, I am ALSO not good in mesmerizing -_____-" *6 HURUF.  hhaha. alasan betul kan? look, Anis, if youre really into something, just go for it and make a deal with it. jangan lah nak fikir negative je. right? So, Actuarial Science, you're still on the list bebeh ! hehe. Sejarah SPM = 3B, Sejarah PMR = B. what more can you say? haha

andddddd., yes yes, what about majoring in Physics? hehe. sounds cool ain't it? but the thing IS, what and where will I be in another few years if I'm taking Physics and my major? A teacher? A lecturer? A physicist? A singer? ceh, tetibe a singer. haha. alright, Physics, you're on the top list too ;p

think anis think ! you got no time left ;p

and hell yeah, I'm happy today !

*just got back from uptown :) dinner with Diena and Pot ; the lovebirds